hello there, and thanks so much for stopping by! here, you will find a little bit about me and why i love photographing families. 

my love of photography started nearly fifteen years ago, back when i had the time to travel and explore the world. on my adventures, i discovered how powerful photographs were in telling a story while preserving my memories of people and their culture. when i got married and had my daughter, i started documenting our life as a family. as a mom, i constantly wished i could freeze time. but i’ve come to realize that the next best thing is having photographs. 

i am a learner - i constantly strive to better myself in every way i can. i can be a little self-critical (ok...a lot. but i'm working on it!).  in my free time, you can find me taking photos of my daughter, exploring my city on foot, traveling, and yelping new places to eat. 

someone once asked me 'what brings you joy?' 

faith. family. travel. and photographing families. the more i do it, the more i realize how we are all the same, yet special and unique... over the past 2 years, i have been photographing families in their homes. i have such a tremendous love for doing this and i am discovering how much of myself i see in each family, their joys, their sacrifices, their struggles, and of course, love.  

if you find yourself wishing you could freeze time because your children are growing up too quickly, you're not the only one! it's not just the milestones that need to be documented; it is also the small everyday moments that seem ordinary and mundane that are the most priceless. don't let them slip away...i would love to help you preserve this most precious time so that you can relive them over and over again! 

p.s.  connect with me on instagram where i get personal about motherhood.

you'll also find previews, travel adventures, and lots of pictures of my muse.