martin family

what do you get when you combine four kids, two sweet and easy going parents, and lots of personality? FUN of course! i had such a great time photographing the martins. the kids are just adorable (those eyes!) and have such distinctive personalities. can you guess who is shy and who is full of energy? and and dad had such calm and gentle energy around their children! i mean, four kids! amazing. here are some favorites from our session! 


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have you been thinking about having a photo session in your home? worried that your home isn't "picture perfect?" no worries! it's live in, it has children, it's home. that's what matters. all you need is a window with natural light. the best part is everyone gets to be themselves in a familiar surrounding...then leave the rest up to me! years down the line, you'll be SO glad you have photos in your home, with your children! trust me! :)

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halloween 2017

hope it was a wonderfully frightful halloween for your little ones! this year, my daughter dressed as moana. they were everywhere, i know! no big deal, right? well, it was for me. the earlier part of this year was a tough one, and it's silly to admit, but the movie had so much meaning... we probably watched the movie nearly ten times and i teared up every time. let's just say that i needed to hear the message.

anyhow, we had a great time with friends this year. but before went out, i took her on a little shoot. so, here she is! 

p.s. the last 13 images are shot with fuji film. i love the way they matched my digital images!