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i am a bit envious of all you stay home moms out there. sounds weird and you may roll your eyes, or even scoff at me when i say that. i totally understand that you don't have lots of free time for yourself, or that you have all day to do what needs to be done around the home. but there is something that i missed out on while working a full time day job, running a business, trying to be the best mommy and wife, and maintaining a household (with lots of help from my husband, of course). and i am certainly grateful for my work too. but the truth is, i am envious of the other moms you get to meet when you first have your babies, how you are there for each other, having your kids grow up together and all those playdates they have, and the best part is those ladies end up being your besties or friends for life. i've witnessed so many of these relationships amongst my own circle of friends and acquaintances. and so many of these friendships began with stay-at-home-mom groups. 

while staying home with your kiddos presents many challenges, there are days that i just want to wake up with my daughter and go for a morning walk or make breakfast together. the weekends just get filled up with busy-ness and quiet weekdays seem perfect for things like that... sigh.

my friends dianna and billy recently had their second baby (and oh what a cutie he is!) and i was delighted they asked me to do a family session with their newborn. big sister evie is a doll and brother liam is the most chill baby ever. 

this session really reminded me of what i shared above. it's hard being with your kids all day, i get it. but that time with them can never be given back to you if you miss out on it.

my friend, you are blessed with such beautiful and sweet children. and i pray that this time you have with them will always fill your heart with joy knowing that you were there with them...

and thank you for trusting me again with your memories! here are my favorites! 


p.s. this session is a hybrid of film and digital. :)


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a good friend | newborn lifestyle session

now that i am a mom, i often think back to a time when my friends first had their children. i was a bit immature and single then, and not the greatest of friends now that i think about it. i realize i was never really there for them... didn't really hang out at their homes and play with their kids, or spoil them with gifts. nor can i remember a time i called just to see how life was going. nope, i was pretty much living wild and free, oblivious to what their lives must have been like. i am reminded of this every now and then when my friends who don't have children (and the ones who do) shower their love, time, and care on me and my family. they take time from their busy lives to know what is going on in mine. and i am so grateful for them. this is the friend i wish i had been. thankfully, those ladies are still my friends today. and i do my best to make time, check in, lend a shoulder, or just say hey. 

i photographed this sweet family twice before but this session sealed my love for them. they are so easy to be around. you would think with a newborn baby and two kids, it would be a bit crazy. not one bit. everyone was so at ease. before our session, i told sue that this would be a lifestyle session. i would just come and document and capture their family as they were. no fuss, no stress. we wouldn't force anything or try to create the perfect scenario - everyone would just be themselves. it was exactly what happened. and it was awesome.

something i distinctly remember was how sweet sue and her husband dave were with each other. even after three children, they were so sweet and kind to each other in the way they spoke. i was so struck by this because you know, after a few years of marriage, not everyone has that sweet tone in their voice with their spouses. right? but seriously, i left the session more in love with this bunch than before. 

i also wanted to mention that this session was a gift from sue's friends and her sister. what a perfectly thoughtful gift for an expectant mama! congrats to this family beautiful family!

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