halloween 2017

hope it was a wonderfully frightful halloween for your little ones! this year, my daughter dressed as moana. they were everywhere, i know! no big deal, right? well, it was for me. the earlier part of this year was a tough one, and it's silly to admit, but the movie had so much meaning... we probably watched the movie nearly ten times and i teared up every time. let's just say that i needed to hear the message.

anyhow, we had a great time with friends this year. but before went out, i took her on a little shoot. so, here she is! 

p.s. the last 13 images are shot with fuji film. i love the way they matched my digital images!



kindergarten | film love

this girl turned 5 in may.

and started kindergarten last week. 

and i love her more than ever. 

this summer, left my digital camera behind and shot nothing but film. it's something i have been wanting to do for a couple of years, but was too chicken to start. i was scared that i would fail miserably and all that i hoped i would be able to do was nothing but a fantasy. not sure exactly what finally propelled me to jump in, but i did. and now i'm hooked! shooting film forced me to slow down and resist the impulse to click away hoping i would get that perfect shot. it made me more selective and allowed me to really feel each moment and imprint it into my heart. sounds corny, i know. but i felt so much joy in each click, and it's been so freeing to shoot from the soul rather from the head. and waiting for the images to come back has made me a little more patient. just a little. ;)  

most of our kids are probably back in school and i hope you had a wonderful summer with your little ones! this entry is dedicated to all you parents... how bittersweet it is to watch our kids grow and reach new milestones! so congrats! 

for those interested, all images in this set are shot with kodak ektar 100 at box speed. i love how some of the images had a nostalgic feel while the others had a pop of color.