meditation and yoga

i photographed this lovely lady a couple years back and never blogged it. i find it’s a perfect time to share it since i’m working on a personal project related to meditation and yoga. almost fifteen years ago, i was introduced to meditation and did a couple retreats. to be honest, i had no idea what i was doing and was not in a place to understand. fast forward nearly 15 years later. i meet my husband, find a church i begin to call home. i quickly abandoned all notions of meditation and anything related to it. but today, i am in a very different place. for me, meditation (and some forms of yoga) has allowed me to connect…actually, RECONNECT with God in the most profound way. i discovered he was always there inside me. my entire life up until now has been outward directed and my head has been too loud to hear him. this might be a little alarming and strange, but so much is starting to make perfect sense now.

so why am i sharing this? simply put, i want to learn about others who practice meditation and yoga and know why they do it. i want to know what led them to it and what their practice consists of. and of course, i want to explore the inner beauty and peace through photography.

this will be an ongoing project. if any of this resonates with you and you would like to chat and maybe obtain some images of you in your practice, get in touch with me. :)