toronto and quebec | summer 2016

hi all! i know i've been MIA from here this summer, but i have a reeeallly good reason! several, really...

one of those reasons is in this blog entry. 

the main goal for this trip was to do some major bonding with my daughter. and what better way to do it than travel together, right? i won't go into all the sentimental feels or revelations i had during this time beacause you probably just want to get to the images. but just in case you are into sentiments and that sort of stuff, you can find more of that on my instagram feed. ;)

this trip was also a chance to reconnect with family i have in canada. a very special thanks to my aunt and uncle who were amazing hosts and catered to our every need. how blessed charlie and i feel to be showered by their love and generosity!

i am super excited to share because this is my first vacation shot entirely on film!! i decided to leave my dslr at home and carry only one camera. at first i was nervous, but i am so glad i did! and i have to admit, i am hooked on film! anyway, thanks for stopping by! feel free to leave any feedback..i would love to hear your thoughts! :)


for those who are interested in the technical stuff...these are all shot using kodak portra 400, rated at 200 (no rhyme or reason, just experimenting). i found that i love this film most when in direct sunlight and open shade and not so much backlit (which i tend to do a lot with digital). i love that you can overexpose and still get white clouds and blue skies (which i usually gave up with digital). there are a couple of images with light leaks because i accidentally opened the lid without rewinding the film. duh. i lost a couple of images at the end of the roll, but all was not lost. overall, i'm loving portra, but will be studying other film stocks...also, i learned how important it is to use a lab that knows what you want and gives you feedback on your film (should you need it). i've been using theFINDlab and so far love their service.