5 ... hello my big girl

i've got tons of unfinished projects and edits to get to, three loads of laundry to put away, a stack of essays to grade, but my daughter turned 5 on tuesday and i had to share these before the week ended...

i've been dreading this day for a while because although it's wonderful for her, as her mommy, i feel like i'm losing my baby and 5 is the beginning of the big girl stage. she's growing and maturing everyday, understanding more than i ever did at that age, and has so much depth and understanding. more recently, she's becoming such a little lady. in the last several months, i noticed her looking at herself in the mirror more, asking us if she looked pretty in her outfit, if she can wear a skirt or dress more often, and whether or not she could get her ears pierced. oh my....i really wasn't ready for all this! but more importantly, i can tell this little girl feels feminine and pretty (something i never felt as a kid), and it brings me joy that she is becoming the person she is. i always want her to feel confident and beautiful, inside and out.

i hope you can see that in these images. 

and while none of this is truly dreadful, it is bittersweet to see my baby become more of a girl. thanks for letting me share this little piece of my life with you all. i just love this girl to pieces. :)