a life session | blair family

there was a time that i looked forward to waking up on weekends and snuggling with my two-year old in our bed. those days are long gone as i am up and gone before she even wakes up these days. and i wish i would have had more of those moments documented.  

shouldve, couldve, wouldve...sigh.

we, like so many families, live for the weekend where we get to take our time and be carefree at home - making breakfast, snuggling in bed a little longer, hanging out being ourselves, or eating a meal together without having to rush off somewhere. the weekends were made for families. as kids get older, the weekends get filled up with birthday parties, soccer practice, art lessons... and before long, it all becomes a blur. 

i was so excited when we decided to document a sunday morning for the blair family. i've photographed this wonderful bunch over the past several years and have seen their family grow. capturing what it's like to be them on a sunday was such a treat! i know these images will be priceless as the children grow and life will seemed to have passed in a blink of an eye. i mean, with three children, how do you remember it all? :)


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