on beauty

ten years ago, i would not have been able to share these images with you. for most of my life, i was self-conscious and felt unattractive. being around beautiful women was intimidating and often uncomfortable. as an adult, this affected my relationships.

over the past ten years, i've made some discoveries about what beauty means, and about myself. through heartbreaking lessons i had to learn over and over again, and in meeting my husband, i slowly shed those insecurities. it wasn't easy, but it's been liberating not to feel anxious when a beautiful woman walks into the room. and the most amazing part is that i now see beauty in every woman. including myself. 

i am so excited to share these images of my friend jennifer with you all. our friendship began when i asked if i could photograph her because i was so struck by her beauty. over the years, our relationship has deepened and i am so grateful for what our friendship has taught me. although i obviously still admire her beauty, i find her more beautiful as a whole person. and i am so excited to share my lovely friend with you...without any hesitation. :)

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