a happy medium | life session

i love social media and its benefits. however, for years now, i have been guilty of putting my best face forward. i tend to share things that are generally happy, useful, and pretty - basically the best sides of my life. sometimes i feel like i’ve crafted a false image of what an ideal life should be through social media, and i was starting to believe that my life should indeed be perfect.

from following world travelers, to great photographers, to fashion icons, and friends who seem to live an amazing life, i realized i was subconsciously contributing to my unhappiness and disconnect as more and more of my posts emulated those i admired. at times, i couldn't even relate to myself.

so i've been evaluating what i share and don't share these days. i've decided that i want to connect to others in a more meaningful way, and not just sharing ideals, but authencities as well. for such is my life...

in addition to  having great moments, i struggle everyday - dealing with fears i can’t tame, thoughts i can't control, disappointments i can’t shake, inadequacies i can’t mask, ultimately wishing my life was more like so-and-so's. but i don’t believe i have revealed that enough.  

i want to make sure that the image of my life as a mother, a wife, a daughter, and friend is more honest than it had been.    

there's a place that i have begun a more intimate journal, mostly for myself... this little space called instagram. for some reason, it doesn't feel as scary to share there. join me there for dialogue, growing pains, lessons learned, and lots and lots of pictures of my kid. ha. 

i also post sneak peeks from sessions there! 

on the topic of of being real, dolores is one of those ladies you can ask for honest input and you will get it. and i love this about her. we met through some mutual friends and i instantly felt comfortable around her and loved how easy she was to talk to. when we talked about this session, i told her it was more about documenting her family as they were rather than me creating my version of what i thought they should be. i wanted to capture what was uniquely them.. for everyone to be themselves at home. 

i was nervous at first as moving into a different style of photography brings a lot of unknowns and i have to let go of being in control of the situation (this coming from a control freak). but that's the beauty of a life session...i get to step back and let them be them. and the best part about this session is that i got to be a part of some of the most intimate moments, which, as i was going through the images, touched me deeply. i love how tender these moments are. everything about this session speaks being human, vulnerable, and being a parent... thank you, dolores and ron, for opening your lives to me. i hope they will bring you joy and fondness each time you look at them years from now.


have questions about a session in your home? i'm delighted to answer your questions!