too scared to share | life session

this first blog entry is lonnng overdue. i started the process of rebranding my photography business late last year and decided to change nearly everything i was comfortable with.  you see, photographing families has always been something i wanted to do and it has turned into something i absolutely love.  but i've been afraid to share it. why?  why would i be afraid to share something i love so much? this bothered me for months.

then i realized the truth.

photographing families in their homes looks quite different than capturing them in an outdoor space, which is typically what i’ve done. but no matter how i tried to go in to a life session with a game plan and a list of images in my head (and sometimes in my pocket), i always ended up with something other than what i had intended.  i was discouraged.

then i realized a family in their home will look different each time because of their unique story and circumstances.  photographing them outdoors in an open field or at a park allowed me to control the kinds of images i took. but being in someone's home, well.. i had to let go of my plan and let their story be revealed. 

i learned to let the moments unfold before me, and as a result, i discovered that these moments were the most touching, heartfelt, and real.  and this terrified me.  they weren't the kinds of polished images i produced before.  and i was afraid i would lose my audience because of it.  

but i realized this was the risk in pursuing what i believe in, and what i love. and what i find authentic and special. 

and the everyday life, as mundane as some of it seems, those moments are special to the family. and telling the story of a family in that moment in time (…with all its chaos, oddities, and charm) that is the most special thing i can think of.  time passes quickly, and these everyday moments become more precious with each passing year. 

so there. now you know why i have been m.i.a. all this time. and you know what? i am back and photographing families in their homes - families who want to cherish this time in their lives. i am in love with how unique and special each story is. and this is just the beginning of my next journey. i hope you will join me on this adventure! 

the kitchens family is one of those families you instantly love when you meet them. they are warm, sweet, and a fun bunch. i met them several years ago at church, but didn't get to know them until only a few months before they moved up north. they left their cool los angeles home to start a new life in quincy, california, leaving behind dear friends and the life they knew. what i found amazing was that they were expecting their fifth child during this move. 4 kids, their belongings in tow, with a baby on the way. couldn't have been easy. but they sure made that transition look effortless. 

when i asked what they wanted to remember most about this time, matt told me that the time the family spent together in the mornings - making pancakes, having breakfast together, and doing their morning devotions - were very special to him because he no longer had to rush to work early each morning. instead, he now got to spend this time with his family. 

when i arrived at their home, the kids greeted me with sheer excitement. i didn't even have time to get my camera settings ready as they all came at me with questions and smiles. this image below is slightly blurry and less than perfect, but's a perfect moment i can't forget! is the first of many home sessions to come!


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